What Are Rights

As an adult in Ireland, you have many rights to help guarantee you are treated fairly and equally. No one can treat you differently or badly because of a disability. These rights are to make sure you have the same opportunities as any other person, and are able to make choices about how and where you want to live your life.

Live Independantly

You have the right to live independently in your own community or live with or near your family. You also have the right to any help that is needed to make sure you can live where you want to live.

Be Free and Safe from Harm

You have the right to be safe and free from harm. Countries must agree to have laws in place to make sure people with disabilities are protected in the home and outside from violence, and from being used or abused. You have the right to the same healthcare and treatment as any other person.


You have the right to employment. You cannot be refused a job just because of your disability and you cannot be paid less than others for doing the same job. Countries must have laws and supports in place to help people with disabilities prepare for jobs, get work, and stay in work. People with disabilities also have the same rights to be self-employed, or work for themselves.


You have the right to education. All children and youth have the right to go to school and get any help needed to be able to learn the same subjects, and do the same things as their peers or friends. You have the same right to continue education as an adult if you choose.